The mythic Corsican trail: the GR20

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The GR20 is arguably the toughest hiking route in Europe and is often described as one of the most exhilarating long distance treks in the world.

What is the GR20?

GR20 means great trail (or footpath) n°20 in French. The letters GR refer to the words “grande randonnée” in French and 20 refers to the number used for the Corsican region. In Corsica, the GR20 is called “Fra li Monti” (meaning through the Corsican mountains) as the trail follows the backbone of the Corsican mountainsrelief from the north-west in Calenzana to the south-east of the island at Conca.

Winter on the GR20?

The GR20 trail is accessible to expert hikers all year round. Refuges open from May to September. As late as mid June, snow melts on the Fra Li Monti or GR20 and walkers start conquering this epic trail until the end of September. However, this long distance footpath soon becomes snowed in winter. The only way to do the GR20 in winter season is to put your skis or snowshoes on. The GR20 becomes the Alta Stradaone of the most technical raids in Europe, which can be practiced from February to April. 

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